Dancing Made Easy

If you think dancing is hard, you’re in the right place. It really doesn’t have to be. If you don’t have very good rhythm, that’s something that can be learned. It all starts with the feet, no matter what kind of dance you’re trying to learn. In this blog, I will help you learn to salsa, waltz, and even dance in a club–unless you’re over 35. Come on, guys. Stop pretending you’re still in college.

So, my first lesson will be in the club, since that’s probably the most common dance nowadays.

It’s also the easiest kind of dance, though I’ve seen my fair share of poor dancers in da club. Unless you really know what you’re doing, just stick to the basics. It makes things easier and you own’t look so…embarrassing to your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.

First, pick some good club music and put it on.

Next, step touch to the music if it’s a slow-medium tune (try to stay in beat–that’s usually a steady rhythm…). If it’s a faster song, try bouncing up and down and moving your hips back and forth.

Third, add your arms. You can do the Hitch (as in from the movie when he teaches Kevin James to dance) with your elbows tucked in at 90 degrees. Don’t wave your arms around. Don’t do any “moves” like the lawnmower or the running man.

There you have it. Simple is best. Now you can dance in the club.

For those who want to dance but don't think they can